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Frequently, visitors to your web site will have a question that isn’t already answered through your existing content. Or, they’ve got an opinion and want to express it. Encouraging two-way dialogue and letting users establish a relationship with you is a smart way to keep people coming to your website.

With your Blazing Images web hosting package, you will get one 1 GB domain name e-mail address with unlimited aliases and e-mail forwarding. For example, your e-mail address might be (or .net or .org, etc.). Aliases might be johns, jsmith, or smithj as well as info, sales, customer.service, support, etc. All e-mail aliases will be directed to you. Using aliases allows you to track who is contacting you or why they are contacting you. E-mail forwarding will allow you and any staff or others to have an e-mail address at Their e-mail would be forwarded to their personal e-mail accounts.

Blazing Images also offers and highly recommends:

  • Anti-Virus Protection If you’ve ever been a victim of a virus or worm, you know how damaging it is as it destroys your computer files. Our e-mail anti-virus software program, identifies, and destroys any virus or worms before they reach your in-box.
  • Spam Protection Spam is a term used to mean unsolicited, bulk e-mail. If you’ve ever been a victim of spam mail, you know how annoying, if not how frustrating it is as it clogs your e-mail inbox. Our spam filter identifies and captures e-mails that look like spam before they reach your in-box.

All e-mail services are invoiced annually, and are due on the anniversary of the website’s launch date or the date we begin hosting your existing site.

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