Website Hosting

Website hosting (or web hosting or site hosting) is the business of housing, providing a server, and maintaining files for one or more websites. While web pages are designed and developed on a single computer, they must be transferred to a server, or host, so that they are available to the rest of the world over the Internet. A host is simply a computer that has a constant high-speed connection to the Internet.

Blazing Images offers 2GB of web site hosting space to its clients. Additional hosting space is available in 1GB increments for an additional fee. We offer free hosting for the first year for new website projects over $1,500. 

By hosting with Blazing Images, we can ensure that the web server will offer optimum performance for both your website and your e-mail, and that it will be compatible with the various design and development tools and methods that we employ.

Web hosting service is billed annually and is due at the time we launch your new site or when we move your existing site to our server. Subsequent years’ hosting is due on the anniversary of the website’s launch date. 

E-Mail Services

Frequently, visitors to your web site will have a question that isn’t already answered through your existing content. Or, they’ve got an opinion and want to express it. Encouraging two-way dialogue and letting users establish a relationship with you is a smart way to keep people coming to your website.

With your Blazing Images web hosting package, you will get one 1 GB domain name e-mail address with unlimited aliases and e-mail forwarding. For example, your e-mail address might be (or .net or .org, etc.). Aliases might be johns, jsmith, or smithj as well as info, sales, customer.service, support, etc. All e-mail aliases will be directed to you. Using aliases allows you to track who is contacting you or why they are contacting you. E-mail forwarding will allow you and any staff or others to have an e-mail address at Their e-mail would be forwarded to their personal e-mail accounts.

Blazing Images also offers and highly recommends:

  • Anti-Virus Protection If you’ve ever been a victim of a virus or worm, you know how damaging it is as it destroys your computer files. Our e-mail anti-virus software program, identifies, and destroys any virus or worms before they reach your in-box.
  • Spam Protection Spam is a term used to mean unsolicited, bulk e-mail. If you’ve ever been a victim of spam mail, you know how annoying, if not how frustrating it is as it clogs your e-mail inbox. Our spam filter identifies and captures e-mails that look like spam before they reach your in-box.

All e-mail services are invoiced annually, and are due on the anniversary of the website’s launch date or the date we begin hosting your existing site.


Site Administration

Along with hosting and regular maintenance, establishing and monitoring the name of your site requires some time and attention. The name is called a URL, for “Uniform Resource Locator.” It’s the address where people can find you. And just like the numbers on the front of your house and your street name, if your address isn’t clear and working, people who want to visit you won’t be able to find you.

Site Administration includes domain name registrations (the process whereby a unique domain name is selected and registered by a user, giving the user the right to use that domain name for their web site.), domain name renewals, domain name transfers (the process whereby a domain name is transferred from one registrar to another), and setting up the web hosting server to host your site.

As a courtesy and a convenience, Blazing Images offers to and handles domain name(s) registrations, renewals, and transfers for all of our clients.

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