Hide your website name in Joomla

Hide your website name!
Why would you want to do that?

If you look at our site home page, you can see that the website name is displayed at the top of the article, but that is, in fact, the article title. When the website title is displayed, it shows up as a separate content bubble and this is not what we wanted. In short, you may want to do this because the title is in your banner, or you want to display the title in a different way in using the first article displayed on your home page.

So you tried hiding the title of the article you are using for your home page, but that just hides the title you want, or you tried hiding everything you could think of and even looked for parameters in the Front Page Manager. Nothing worked.

Here is how you do it. You should have a home page link on your menu. It is not just an article menu item, it is a special menu type called Front Page Blog Layout:


So you need to edit the menu item. Go to the System Parameters and click on No under Show Page Title:


That's it. The title should be gone.